How I cheated death?

In 2004 I spent the whole year working on a deal to buy a Nutley, NJ, for our martial arts school. Two weeks before the closing the owner got divorced and the deal felt through, we still had to pay the attorney fees and the small…

How your ancestors can influence your life?

Nevaeh’s grandfather named was Andre Moise and her grandmother Marie, Helene Charles 100% Haitian, where both resided function at the same times. Her grandfather as peasants subsequently, where her grandmother has play the most critical role the nurture, wife, saleswoman, doctor, psychologist, comedian…


I came to this country at the age of 15; I took ESL classes to learn to speak English and watched channel 13 to see, hear and learn to speak English. I got my HighSchool diploma and I got accepted at New York university. At first I wanted to…




the state or feeling of being jealous.

“a sharp pang of jealousy” · [more]


envy · enviousness · covetousness · desire · resentment · resentfulness · bitterness · discontent · spite · grudge · the green-eyed monster · suspicion · suspiciousness · distrust · mistrust ·…

ABA Therapist

She is a dynamic, intelligent, patient and insightful caretaker. She is knowledgeable and respectful with her expertise, children with special needs.

She has worked with our family as an ABA therapist before and after his daily school program. Our child has ADHD with impulsivity and is on the…


Theresa’s mom told her that she was the oldest of nine children and the baby after she died stillborn. The next children are twins, and they are very close, and they support each other. After the twins are Theresa’s brother, who is the spitting image and personalities of Theresa’s…


In this dream, I went to Dr. Botwin and Innella office to ask for a job since I worked there a long time ago. I started to cough, and Dr. Botwin said to me “Let it out of you” he put a paper on the floor, and I cough…

Marie A. DiCervo

ABA therapist | Published Author. Leave a tip on my venmo Marie Diaz-Cervo.Purchased my book:

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