How I realized I was brainwashed by my mother?

She made me believed that you have to be good so God can bless , love and protect you. She still does it when I helped with anything she said thank you my child and God will bless you in her native language. She decided not to speak English to me about the time I moved back with her because my younger sister told me that I need to moved out of her twin sister’s house right away. Some of my so call family members had no idea that I was trying to save my life. I was sick for a while and I ignored the issues or I trusted thatGod will help me. Guess you need to do your part also if you need God to help you. You need to find the money to get the best doctors to help you. You need to open a book with the list of doctors to find the right doctors to save your life.

I can’t let my guard down around her because she will try to manipulate or try to make you believe that you said something that you did not. I wonder if she problem with her hearing also, my brother in law came over to drop a car and he needed to use the bathroom. I told him that he is family and we are here for him and I reminded him that he helped me when I had to go to court for a second times to keep my children after a divorce. I can see that my brother in law looked tired and he had not shaved his face. My mother usually would tell people exactly what she was thinking but this time she did not that was a miracle. She asked my brother in law how he was going to go home and he said he would take a Uber I told him that I will give him a ride. So when I got back home my mother said to me in her native language “ why did I tell my brother in law that he looks old?” I answered what are you talking about mother you do not want to speak English and you can not understand what people are saying, please stop with your nonsense. The next day I realized that I got another miracle because she can stop saying things that she should keep in her mind instead of voicing them so I can hear hallelujah.


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