Autism program can be scary and overwhelming at first but the more times you spend with special need children you will see that it is fun and full of rewards.

The students are intelligent in their way because each one has a special gift but you might need to find it or be aware of it. Some of the students might slap himself or herself because they are frustrated and they can not verbalize their feelings. You might think that you are doing something wrong and you can not understand the behavior. However, the behaviorist will tell you to ignore the behavior and if you follow the behaviorist you will eventually see the students’ behavior diminish. They are a different system that we implement and we have to stay consistent with them in order for the program to work. Be comfortable to ask questions and learn from other professionals who have more experiences than you do.

Communicate with the students and stay positive around them because they understand everything you say and they need to know that you care about them. If you need to take a break to compose yourself then please do it. In the program we use token boards, reinforces, sensory and movement breaks, arts, technology and ask them questions therefore, it is never boring.

You will make a real difference in the students’ lives when you work as a team and be open to say I need help when you need it..



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