I m sick and tired of men who think I want their money

I have my own money and I do not need their money. I am wealthy and bless and the hell with them for being stupid. They are going to meet the person who will take what they thought I wanted from them. They are just idiots and babies, I want them to go away. I am a wealthy black woman and I do not need their money. Also God loves me and gives me everything that I need and want. I am done with idiots who think they are better because they have money even some of my families,they can go away I am done being a victim of people ‘s opinion and expectations. They are always signs of how people are, just because I was exciting for him he probably thought I want something from him. Yes I might need his love and affection because he put his hand around my waist and kissed me but he is an atheist. He is also old and not look healthy, he has a pot belly and a young child. He is not the one so fuck him.


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