Social psychologists have a certain way to obtain what they are looking for; it could be a testable prediction that is tested with the methods of observational, correlational, or experimental. Those types of ways give insight into several kinds of questions. For example, observational methods will tell you what is happening concerning the questions. The correlational method sees the closeness between variables, give access to something in the future. Correlation is not a reason for causation. With the experimental method, researchers play with one thing, that item is independent and show the reason for the manipulation via testing of the dependent variable. When that occurs that you already know the answer, it is the hindsight bias. In research, it is important to be careful and not get in trouble, so implementing ethical issues is a requirement. Researchers submit their research plan to a university or college review board, and the people sign consent and also give an account of the test at the end.

I select this group because I can relate to the culture. We are not so different from each other. I learned how Blacks, Whites, Asians, Spanish, Indians, and others are so alike, but when we are not open or educate, we are not able to see that we are one. I raised my children to love and respect all different race and cultures. My children are biracial, which make them unique.

I choose the Chinese group because they must deal with the shape of their eyes and sometimes their heights. Their foods are trendy in the United States, think of a Chinese restaurant in almost every town. Some Chinese people went as far as doing cosmetic surgeries to make their look different. We had a birthday party at the karate school for a Chinese student, and her parents had Chinese foods and goody bags with Chinese logo. The church that they attended has most if not only Chinese members. They spoke mandarine and get married to each other. They work hard and often travel to China. They live close to their parents, so they do not put them in nursing homes.

Chinese have been stereotypes as minorities because of how smart they are; most of them are engineers. It does not matter if they are born in the United States or China. They are more likely to live together to save money to open a business. They strictly follow the Asian customs and their special accents, foods, religious beliefs, and values. They mostly speak their languages at a Chinese restaurant. They are label as inferior to whites but superior to Blacks.

“Stereotype threat refers to the threat people feel when they think they may be at risk of confirming a negative stereotype about their group.” Feenstra, J. (2013). Stereotypes are a form of discrimination, and it can be very hurtful. Society in the USA is starting to truly accept the Chinese culture after a movie called Crazy Rich Asians. They are being used in commercials more now, and, they are several shows with Chinese people.

I dated a Chinese man for about one year, I was amazed by his level of intelligence, and he loved to cook for us. He is a chemical engineer and in charge of a group at his job. He works for a company whom the owner is Jewish. The Chinese man was not afraid to tell me that the Whites made more money than him. He felt that because he is Chinese American, and he would not be in the same category as the Whites. “Placing ourselves in situations where interactions with others are inevitable and necessary may help us to learn about those in our out-group and reduce the prejudices, we might have about them. The more the norms of a social group also focus on inclusivity, the more individuals will do the same (Fiske, 2004). “Feenstra, J. (2013). Although he married an Italian woman and had a beautiful daughter with her, he did not like that his ex-wife was dating a Black man from Africa. He was not happy with his appearance, he colors his hair blond, and he complained a lot about how fat he was, which he was not. He took times to tell me how the police like to stop Black people in his neighborhood. He said that his parents would never accept me in his family. His parents did not like his ex-wife either, but they learned to love his daughter. I can sense and experience that he was not happy.

Prejudice is a bad attitude toward some people because that person or people look different and speak differently than what you are accustom to. “Social norms dictate that we dislike child abusers, terrorists, and members of the Ku Klux Klan, so these groups are ones toward which people feel the strongest prejudices.”Feenstra, J. (2013). They are explicit and implicit prejudice; when it had to do with a hate crime, it is explicit prejudice. However, when it concerns nonverbal behavior or feeling bad in the presence of a group from a different race.

People can implement the jigsaw classroom and watch the movie “ A Class divided” to get rid of prejudice. It requires education and an open mind to see that we are all the same. We can be bellwether to make changes which will make the world a better place. Some people assume that when a group keep things exclusive it is because they are trying to maintain their culture. It would be also necessary for different culture to speak English which can lessen them as foreigners, and it will help their mental health.

The specific are of life that I raised in my post was that “I like to think positive, and at times, I do not see the negative aspect of some situations. My relationship with my family and the people I contact every day could be better with critical thinking. I can see that people are different, and they behave based on their personalities and experiences. Their circumstances can impact how they treat others. I am a born-again Christian, and my faith teaches me to love and forgive others, however, may not have to reach the level of belief and empathy that some other people have. I realized so many people are so selfish, and I want to understand other people’s viewpoints, but I understand now that I was thinking very harshly.”

I learned about premised, which supports another claim called the conclusion of the argument and how to construct the right premises. I learned about several possible explanations which are the Occam’s Razor. I understand about the aspect of false dilemma which is to get rid of black and white thinking. The ability to think logically and build good arguments will empower me to deal with people worldwide. I will have a better understanding of their point of view, which will make me more approachable. I can be a great advocate for special needs children and adults and protect them, and others will treat them better. They will include them more in their circle and not be quick to judge them. As far as the special needs children and adults, I will be able to see the explanations for most of their behaviors. I will be able to make better choices on who to have in my circle. I will notice the different fallacies and appeals which will help to make better decision about the area in my life.

My research will present strong arguments from all sides, which will help me show my logical mindset. I do understand when the cases are liable and cogent; it is because of strong evidence that came from scholarly sources. According to the text

“Mastering the skills of identifying and constructing arguments is not easy, but at this stage you should feel fairly confident in your command of such skills. The big test now is how you will react when someone disagrees with your argument or when you disagree with someone else argument?” (Hardy, et al 2015). I will keep in mind that some discussions may appeal to fear, pity, guilt trip, and scapegoating. I would also be aware of cases from envy can be similar to jealousy. Several points of view can help me see that others have done their research to demonstrate their arguments. I would tell people to keep a pliable mindset, helping them see and understand the other person’s side. They also need to see if the argument is valid and liable. I will show both side of the argument about the subject is it acceptable for a woman to have abortion when her life is not in danger. Each side of the argument have their strengths and weaknesses based on their arguments, they looked at the side of the law, religion and culture.



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