I played with the devil

I played with the devil with the thinking that I can change him. I am able to see right at the beginning who I am dealing with. The devil can come in different shapes, colors however in people who are open. She told me to be careful of who I allow in my circle or around me because she is aware of my gifts. I now realize if God gives you something you need to guard them and not allow others to take it away from you. I had almost everything except my health but I wrote about them and I did not realize how many people were jealous of me. The person who was supposed to protect me did not and that did not help me.

Do I change my last name so I can recover all? Do I wait on God to give me what I lost ten fold. I think I told her too much about me and I am not sure of that was a good thing. I realized if I can not trust the people who I though were my family how can I trust someone who is not related to me.

I like the energy in this place and the people are nice. I can live in this town and it is not far from my daughter


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