Theresa had to learned to plan with the end in mind, meaning the conclusion of the way she want her life to be. The mind is referred to as the workshop of the soul, practice and consistent bible meditation and memorization so that your mind are occupied with wholesome thinking.

She opened her boutique and enjoy decorated it and travel all over the world to get distinct items, clothes, bags to share with others. Nicholas loved Theresa and he understood her, he wants to give her and her children which she has custody of the best life that they deserved. He came from a big family and his networks and fans were huge. The children spent quality times with Mat and he loved and cherished them. Nicholas appreciated her and cherish her, she could not ask for a better man. They loved each other and continue to follow their purposes. She didn’t have to put her dreams on hold and always have to tried to make a man happy. They traveled together and enjoyed life to the full extend.




ABA therapist | Published Writer | Consultant

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Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

ABA therapist | Published Writer | Consultant

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