Theresa’s Grandma

My grandmother, Marie Helene Charles 100% Haitian. My grandfather as peasants subsequently, where my grandmother has plaid the most important role the nurture, wife, saleswoman, doctor, psychologist, comedian, it seem to me she was so talented at some point she was unimaginable as well, at some point on her lifetime; my grandmother has performed some housekeeping for some English master on the region where she had experienced some serious difficulty in her life which she didn’t think it was proper to expose those issue. It seems to be my grandmother didn’t have a love for my grandfather cause a variety of chaos between them. According to my uncle Joel, my grandfather did distribute a considerable time in their lives. Yet just because of lack off love causes her to spend the rest of her life unhappy, however, this particular inhibitor has the greatest negative effect on the rest of my siblings. She was very hard work without any type of academics education nevertheless she was everything. She was a Creole-speaking person, within a great intelligence that nobody couldn’t possible to comprehend in order to access it academically. Subsequently, she had produced (seven) children, but off-cause, her grandmother was always the leading team however, two girls, and five boys. Subsequently, my uncle Felder the (seventh) in the family. Three years later, after his birth, 1959, my grandmother and my grandfather got to a separation. My grandmother and the six siblings went and ran moved to another section in Port-Au-Prince where they all start a new life without a father figure. My grandfather left my grandmother with seven children for a younger woman, she worked hard to raise them and give them a life that was better than hers. The children went to school and went further in their studies than their mother. After my grandfather left I didn’t recall ever see my grandmother with another man. She was very faithful in attending church and made sure that her children attended church also. Each of them got married and started to have children, they equipped their children to further their education and reach out for the best in life.

My grandmother followed her purpose, all of us admired her and will cherish her forever. She was a strong woman of God and to the end she loved her God. I am who I am because of my grandmother, I raised two children with no help from their birth mother because I was my grandmother’s legacy. These two children loves me as a mom and that is the greatness love in the world. I remembered going to the hospital and I love to cut her nails and talked to her. She left this world in style, she took a bath, ate a great meal and laid down softly to sleep. My grandma is my role model ,after she died whenever I had a big issues and she didn’t see a way out, I would go to the cemetery and visited the place she was buried. The night she died I was in New York City visiting the sites of the World Trade Center , when I got back my husband told me to called my mother. That’s how I found out that my beautiful grandma went home.


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