What she told her?

Photo by Oz Seyrek on Unsplash

She says “Nina told me, “ treat people the way they are, not the way I am.” She is a wise woman that went through great and bad experiences in life; she told me she has changed over the years because of those experiences; she s one year older than my mother. I watched with her son, and I wonder if God places me here to prepare me to run a business with my biological son, I love my other son, but he chooses to discard the relationship we had. I raised him for thirteen years, but I knew that he much missed his biological mom, but it was her choice not to be there to raise him. I welcomed her to help me raise the children, but she chooses to be indifferent toward me like I stole her man. I had to remind myself that I was not the cause of their divorce, and I was always on her side because men are fickle. I gave my then-husband good advice like the children need their birth mom because I knew how it feels not having a birth parent around or alive.
I yearn for physical touch, and I sometimes mistake it for love because my dad was the one that expressed that kind of love. My mother had been traumatized by her dad since he left her mom for a younger woman, and he used to steal from her mother. Therefore my mother is unable or does not know how to express that kind of love. I look for it from other people, and sometimes wise women knew that I need that physical love or hug; when they see me, they always tell me that they love me, and they embrace me like a mom hug a daughter. Sometimes my sisters gave me that hug, and I felt their love.

If you have a sickness, do you see an attorney or a doctor? You go to the person who has the experiences and the knowledge to help you with the illness or the issues — concerning the business, especially around this time when the news is focusing on the economy. The people that have a job will tell you that it’s not a good time to open a business; however, the people that are running companies to know better than that; business is about giving a service or products to others, what the customers need, you provide the services to them. You need that mindset, and your business will keep thriving; you need to find out what you have that others are willing to pay you for it because they need that service or product. For example, people will always need clothes to wear for events and an expert for alterations. During this time, some business has so many others coming in that they turn some away. It would help if you also had the right people who can get along and respect each other gifts to work in your team to succeed.”



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