What to know about Suicide?

Most schools nowadays have a drop-In center, which is there for students to have someone to talk to. It stated, “are you stressed or overwhelmed with school work, relationships with friends & family, or need someone to listen? Keep calm & drop-In. People who have chemical imbalance are more subject to think of suicidal thoughts. Therefore when they experience stress, it will trigger them to think of a way out. They are also other triggers that increase the likeliness of someone to commit suicide.

According to the article, Pathways to Suicide among people with a diagnosed mental illness in Victoria, Australia, the likeliness that people with psychological problems are at risk of committing Suicide increased. The study shows the pathways to suicide among people with mental illness. When you stress and life events, the rate increase, they tested 50 cases, which represented the 252 cases of Suicide. Clapperton, A., Newstead, S., Frew, C., Bugeja, L., & Pirkis, J. (2019).

In this article, they tested the socioecological model. The model focuses on societal, community, relationship, and individual. It demonstrated how poverty, substance abuse, finances, connection, and so increase the likeness of Suicide. It discussed how, when people dealt with the crisis through the court instead of the mental health system, they are more likely to commit Suicide when the pressures are up. “As people work to resolve these relationship issues, they often find themselves in contact with the court system — both civil and criminal, and other helping social service agencies, rather than the mental health system.”Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, (2019).

This article discussed the relationship between temperature and Suicide. It showed the fact that people committed Suicide more in the spring or early summer. They researched 341 locations in over 12 countries. “Suicide is a complex event, but it is preventable. The evidence we observed that higher ambient temperatures are associated with the risk of Suicide in multiple countries gives a better understanding of suicide epidemiology and may help improve decision-making for suicide prevention programs at a population level and consider individual risk factors.”Environmental Health Perspectives. (, 2019).

A person commits Suicide in the United States and around the world almost every day, and some made the news. Some of the Suicide results from divorce or other life events, as we read before, impact people who committed Suicide. There have been celebrities who committed Suicide at home and also in prison. Some kids committed Suicide because they were bullied and others because of their sexual orientation. However, there is also a link between poverty and Suicide. The most reason for people who committed Suicide is a chemical imbalance in the brain, hormones, and neurotransmitters. It is associated with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


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