How his Plan Backfire?

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Elise was barred from her children, her home, and her place of business until she appeared in court; she would never think of doing something like that to her family or a loved one. Jaden did things without thinking about the consequences. It was not personal; it was the military mindset. Thursday night, she went to dinner with her girlfriend which she hasn’t spent time with within a long time ever since he quit financial services. She got home at ten-thirty at night, the police car put their headlight on, and she was wondering what was going on. Two police officers approached her and asked, “are you Elise and she answered yes, and they said that they have a restraining order for her from her spouse Jaden because she got upset and threw the computer, printer, and phone on the floor. There was no way she would want to do anything that would land her in jail, she loved the finer things in life, and he was not worth it. She was raised without a father, and she missed that kind of relationship; therefore, she would not wish that on her children or her worst enemies. Her upbringing was not like Jaden’s; she and her sisters were sheltered from many experiences. She signed the paper, read it, and went to the house to call her brother James, who lives in Texas. She could not believe that her spouse went that far, but she wasn’t surprised since she heard the stuff he said to his blood son because he didn’t want to run the branch in New York anymore. That was going to disturbed his plan and changed his routine. A few minutes later, the same police officers showed up at the house and told her that she had to vacate the house because Jaden stayed at home with their son Sam. They told her to pack her stuff and leave the house; she told the policemen this was a man that I raised his two children without any financial, emotional, and physical help from their maternal mom. She was great at packing; therefore, she took as much as she can. The last time she left the house for two weeks and stayed with her sister in South Orange, he had Marco came and helped him thrown her stuff out included her children’s baby items.

Elise was on her way to a marriage counseling session in Secaucus, NJ. On route three highways, she was able to see the fire blazing from the two buildings. Everyone stop their car to watch what was going on; Elise called her girlfriend Ingrid at the school and crying telling her what she was witnessing. While on the phone, the first tower started to crumble down like a dominoes effect; Elise could not believe what was going on. She kept thinking about all these people who were losing their lives at those moments and the families they left behind to deal with this dark cloud. Elise could not understand how people can be that cruel, what kind of people would want to hurt innocent people that way. She thought about the children left behind without mothers or fathers, the sisters and the brothers, and so on. It was hard for everyone to comprehend this act as a result of one man and his nineteen chosen partners who attacked us on September 11, 2001

They had to stop the counseling session because she wasn’t the right person for them. Eventually, sister Rose referred them to a more suitable counselor that helped them to understand each other.




ABA therapist | Published Writer | Consultant

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Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

ABA therapist | Published Writer | Consultant

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