I’m hoping now that I’ve moved, things are a bit calmer….I just wanted to write down some things that come to mind to begin working on. Going forward, I believe we should work from a business perspective just the 3 of us (include Lawrence and anyone else as you see fit — as long as everyone is in agreement), in a confidential manner so as to avoid disagreements and setbacks. Set these business meeting on a monthly basis. Once we have agreed on the agenda and goals, have an open dialogue with the franchisees and core group as part of the regular meetings….

Next month

  • begin franchising all schools — with Westfield going to Fabio during July- to be completed by Sept. 30,
  • continue aggressively growing/marketing Cataret — set specific/realistic goals
  • focus crisis management attention on Union
  • open BofA account for Union Kid Zone
  • open BofA account for equipment/products orders
  • open account at another bank for yearly activities/events from. onwards
  • solidify e-mail account database for each school member to pass on to franchisees
  • allow anyone to join Facebook DKK group and send out invitations to join group to anyone
  • begin pre-back-to-school specials (registration/tuition/shihai/gala for one low price)

next 2 months

  • begin looking for Gala 2021 central place that holds 500+ people and set the date (does June 24, 2021 work?)
  • order chocolate candies for fundraiser for 2021 events and distribute to all schools
  • begin fundraising campaign for 2021 events to build up fund (perhaps running/rope-jumping/pushups/jumping jacks)
  • advertise schools in Facebook
  • gather all schools data to use as a base for periodic graphs and presentations for comparison purposes
  • perform financial check/inventory of all schools by August 30, 2021
  • begin back-to-school specials to begin marketing August 20, 2021

3–6 months

  • begin website re-design/enhance during August/September — set goal of completion by February 28, 2021 — fully functional by March 31, 2021
  • perform financial check/inventory of all schools by November 30, 2021
  • begin review of 2010 salaries Nov-Dec 2021— finalize by Dec. 31, 2021
  • begin organizing 2010 Shihai — set date for April 2021 — if ticket bought early, then $??? per person — prices go up in 2021 to $?? pp
  • begin preliminary advertising for 2021 Gala — if ticket bought early, then $55 per person — prices go up in 2021 to $65 pp (???)


  • begin working on generic public legal prospectuses for franchises (complete by June 30, 2021)
  • begin working on the franchise portion of the website (complete by May 31, 2021 for release June 30, 2021) — i.e. to request information, we would charge a small fee; say$25 for electronic copies; $75 for mailed copies


  • begin workshops for franchise ownerships via conference calls
  • advertise franchise opportunities in Facebook / Google / Twitter / MySpace and other networking sites
  • begin work on website on personal self-improvement tests (charge $29.99 to give them information on what the user needs to do in order to reach the goal — automated spider/tree)
  • depending on my bonus, I’d like to set up a Snap Fitness — if it’s a go, then begin training someone as a personal trainer / i.e. health & nutrition classes — begin organizing the opening of adjacent school (???)
  • 3Q2021
  • open



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