Monday 8:48 AM
It’s approaching the close of the year 2007. It’s been a tremendous year. A year full of many ups and many downs, a few still moments and a lot of learning and growing. Growing particularly in the area of business, marriage, parenting and most important the word of God.
Yesterday was Theresa’s birthday and we gathered at my house to celebrate hers and my daughter Vicky whose birthday is today. Quite a few friends and family came for the occasion to enjoy another year of Theresa and Vicky, among them were my parents.
Previously I had asked my brother Ricky to pray as I usually do since my new walk with Christ. He obviously accepted and when the time came we gathered all people to pray. Interestingly enough The Lord used him to pray for my mom. It was powerful because from there I witnessed quite a few things.
For one I noticed that my dad moved away from the prayer and became a spectator not a participant, my sister Maria seemed curious and cautious and some others appeared just to be there.
Yet these were many others including my children and my wife and nephew whom the Holy Spirit deeply touched.
My daughter Vanessa was whaling for my mom, sister Leila was whaling also, Vicky was touched and my son Lawrence was deeply in the Spirit.
My niece Lauren was also touched.
To me was a powerful experiences to see how The Lord has changed my life and placed me as a Priest of my house and be able to through The Holy Spirit touch others in a powerful way.
I thank You, Lord, that You are an awesome God who deals with us, our issues and delivers us from all ill.
I thank You, Father, for caring and using my daughter Vanessa, it was a cherished experience for me. I thank You for showing me more of what’s to come, for the ministry and my family and my children.
Thank You for the team you have entrusted me. I ask You, Lord, that You expand the vision to my wife, and that You show her more and what her role is and that You remove her any blockage in Jesus Name Amen



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Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

ABA therapist | Published Writer | Consultant