How some people are?

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My mother would do better if she joins a community such as a church or gym. She spent so much times alone and sometimes in the dark which is not good for her attitude. I wish she was aware of how she talks about others specially her family which make me think that she talks about me to my siblings. I get so disappointed because of her attitude for example, I told her what my sister said about how we need to secure the items in the backyard because a storm was about to come, my mother made me feel like I was wrong for going outside to secure the stuffs. She is too preoccupied with our lives that is it uncomfortable.

God healed me with my health, He can help me with my finances and relationships. I want to be the one who has the bigger house so I can help others. An extra one thousand dollars give a person a leg up, I know because when I received the money from my school loan it lifted a burden off my shoulders. I know now that I must accept how I feel when I do not like something such as an injustice and realize maybe they are other ways to help children.

I love how some people think that you are stupid just because you are nice. Really some people choose to be authentic not naïve. I might reach out to you so I can have a closing and to show myself that I can be a good person. What is your pet peeve? When one-person whisper to another person but if I do the same without the knowledge that I did the same thing, I need to not be bother about others if they do it. I talked to Margaret in a personal level, so no one know what I talked about.

She does not know that I can see right through her, I came from church and I took a bag of Jalapeno’s chips to my bedroom so I can relax. She came right after me in my bedroom and ask me for some chips. I gave her the bag and she took some then glanced at the night table next to my bed to see what was on it. She also glanced around the room, if I thought she cares and wants the best for me I would be ok with it, but I accepted that she is incapable to love her children or people the way they need her to do. Part of me would like to believe that I can have a normal mother, but I would be fooling myself. I must stop being stupid and accept that is it what is it. I wish she knows that I feel sick each time I must argue with her or stand up for myself. I like to have peace and sometimes or most of the times I do not want to hear what someone else is thinking, please keep your words or conversation in your mind.

We cannot live together because we are so different, I need times sometimes to rest my mind and my body. She called her brothers and sister and complained about me without telling them all the stories. I entertained the fact maybe I can get a bigger house and she can have her own wing, not anymore, I want a home for me and my kids. My future grandchildren can have a home to come and visit or stay.

I know the reason that she is a pain in my butt, I am the one who is near her. I am fixing my credit score so I can be able to buy first a condo or townhome. What the hell nothing I do is good enough for the woman.

I need to have more faith because faith in Jesus is the way for me to get my own place. She forgot that I shoved the snow and took her food shopping therefore I am physically tired, and I need to rest. I am going to apologize or feel bad for wanted to rest my body. She is just like my ex-husband, nothing I did was good for him. I raised his four children full times, I ran the business in the afternoon and nights and still it was not enough for him. I hate both and they can go straight to hell. This is my life, the hell with them. I will move out without telling her just like I did to my sister and her husband. Now I am piss because the asshole needs to stop complaining about me.

She went and stayed with my sister at the main house, it was the thing for me for two weeks. However, she came because she has an itchy foot which does not allow her to stay in a place for too long.



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