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Resources are divided into two sections, which are learning resources and student resources. I found it easy to use the resources, although I used some of the resources from Grammarly. The writing reviser helped me with my papers by pointing out where I made mistakes. I noticed that my instructor could override some of the suggestions from the writing reviser. I have fully taken advantage of the resources at the student resources because my schedules do not allow me such luxury. I looked at the support, and they seem easy to navigate.

University library has so many articles and books that are approved by my instructors and my peers; therefore, it improves my experience in conducting research. I do not have to go to a physical library because University library contains all the resources that I need. I can access them right at my computer, laptop, or my cell phone. The library at University has 24/7 tutoring, I can call during business hours or email to get help. I can get advice with my research, and it also has a research tools tab. It also complies with federal and state privacy laws, and it is endorsed and supports the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics. For example “Ashford University Library has scholarly journals, eBooks, newspaper articles, reports, publications, conference proceedings, and government publications, and so much more.” Ashford University. (n.d.).

Scholarly and popular resources have helped improve my knowledge about No scholarly and Scholarly. My research articles and journals are from reliable experts. It shows which way to differentiate between peer review articles and no scholarly information. To help to evaluate web resources because the sources need to be acceptable by the University in the case of internet search. I need to be careful, especially since anyone can post on the internet. I learned the author must have proper credentials to be acceptable by the rules of the University, such as academic degree, job title. I need to look for the author’s email or phone number or address. The website needs to be .edu or .gov to be accepted by the instructor. The research process is another tool that helps me improve my research paper. I learn to search the information that I need to write about and explore different avenues, formulate a research question, understand keywords, database searching, express thesis statement/writing.


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Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

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