How I cheated death?

In 2004 I spent the whole year working on a deal to buy a Nutley, NJ, for our martial arts school. Two weeks before the closing the owner got divorced and the deal felt through, we still had to pay the attorney fees and the small business loan’s fees. I found out that the deal felt through because I was not an American Citizen so the town went against the purchase. So it was a coup. I am also a mother to four children and have been married for thirteen years, our children range from eighteen years old to the youngest who is ten years old. My husband and I were operating two businesses full time during that time. I had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and had surgery to remove the right side of the thyroid gland, everything went great except that I have to be on medication for the rest of my life. During these times the pressure was building upon me to be a wife, mother, business woman, daughter and the older sister. My husband was so involved with the second business that I couldn’t count on him for support. At first some people were questioning the loan agent from the SBA loan if he was really going to get us this loan. I wasn’t an American Citizen at that time however my husband is an American Citizen. After I had done all this work for nothing, my body reacted to all these pressures. I started to bleed and big mass of blood were coming out of me. It felt like I was dying, some days I felt so weak and I was afraid that I was going to bleed to death. I went to my doctor and he did some test and the results were fine. My doctor sent me to my gynecologist and he did more test including an Ultrasound and the result was that I have a cyst but it dissolved by itself. I was still bleeding constantly and now it has been a year bleeding or spotting constantly. I had to carry hygienic pads all the times, as a wife I couldn’t function properly although my husband was very understanding. My family and I are members at Agape Family Worship Center and in one of the services the church had a guest Pastor, I can’t recall his name. The guest Pastor made an altar call to all that were sick and I step up to the call with faith that I will get cure. One of the elders at my church laid hands on my lower abdomen and prayed for God to heal me. I felt on the floor and I don’t remember how long I was on the floor. After I woke up, went back to my seat with the belief that I am healed. A few days later the bleeding stop and thank God for healing me. I have been heal since then and I shared this experience to anyone who’s looking for a miracle.


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