How your health impact you?

She had to do a lot of self-development to run the cooperation for several years while Jude was running the financial business full time to get promoted to Regional Vice-President. She had to learn to deal with different personalities; some were melancholy, sanguine, choleric, and so on. She had to know what type of person she was and had to work on herself to be a better leader. The most challenging personality helped her to be a better leader; sometimes, she would question it was her gender, color, or nationality. At the time, she learned that it wasn’t personal; she learned to forgive. The stress took a toll on her health; she was continually hemorrhaging and would get very tired. She had to slow down and asked God for a miracle to get back her health.

Mental and physical health

I woke up, relax, and happy; I was not at the carriage house with her. Yes, his home is cold. I woke up in the arms of a chemical engineer, and I was very relaxed. He likes to get a quicky in the morning, all he had to do was touch me, and I knew what he needed. I also surprise him when I pulled the cover and head down toward his manhood. He enjoyed it, but he really wanted to be inside of me, and I wanted him inside of me also. I like the fact that he is so intelligent and he knows how to cook and make wine.
When I went to his house as soon I opened the door, he came to the door and kissed me. I noticed his jeans were not fastened, and his underwear was black; I founded him sexy. He went to the kitchen as I took off my coat and placed it on the sofa in the living room. I also left my boots by the door with his shoes and sneakers there. I went and sat at a chair in the dining room, and we start to talk about everything. He told me that he bought red and white wines since he did not have time to make any. I asked him what did he ate for dinner, he explained how he had soup, and it was made from the chicken’s bones to get all the proteins. He is so intelligent, and I could listen and learn from him all the time.
He said, “I don’t know what I would do without you.”
He said, “I find peace when I am with you.”
He said, “I find peace when I am in you.”
He said, “I love you, but I want a Spanish woman.”
He said that he is cheap, so he cooked at home for his lady.
We want out to a nice restaurant that he picked, we had a great night, and he wants to spend more time with me.



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Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

Marie A. Diaz-Cervo

ABA therapist | Published Writer | Consultant